Sunday, April 4, 2010

Selling on eBay Gets Cheaper!

If you've ever tried selling on eBay, you know that the fees really break the bank.

However, eBay is always changing and of the many changes that they have made the one that I thought might be of interested to those of you looking to make some extra cash from home, is a reduction in listing fees. On eBay a listing fee is the fee eBay charges you to just list an item. The amount of the listing fee is based on your starting price.

It's purpose, besides letting eBay scoop up your money, is to keep poor quality listings from flooding the eBay market. Imagine how easy it would be list each and every item in your waste basket for sale, if you didn't have to worry about paying a listing fee. Then if it sold, yipee! and if it doesn't sell, there's no loss to you. By imposing a listing fee, eBay keep those kinds of garbage listings off the market and improves their buyer's experience.

eBay has since realized that people who only list occasionally are being turned off by listing fees and now offer every seller 5 free listings a month. That mean's no listing fee, regardless of the starting price, for 5 items you list on eBay each month. So with less pressure, why not clean out some of your junk that other people might just pay for! Now just because you get 5 free listings a month, doesn't mean that you should waste them on rubbish items. List things that are in good condition and have a real value to them. Make it worth you time.

If you have things that you're pretty sure won't sell either wait for your next garage sale or think about donating it to a local charity. Of course, your donation to a non-profit charity is tax deductible, so make sure to get a receipt.

Good luck!


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