Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trade Your Electronics For CASH!

A new business has sprung up almost over night to take advantage of how quickly people buy new electronics. We're upgrading to that hot new phone every year, getting the lastest, smallest, coolest mp3 player. All that upgrading leaves perfectly good, unused electronics lying around. Gather them up and head to your computer cause someone is ready to give you cash for your unused electronics. BuyMyTronics is a small company that buys back cell phones, PDAs, iphones, ipods, and game consoles for top dollar. All you need to do is visit their website, plug in your info and they will give you a quote in no time. Simple and easy. Then all you do is mail in your item(s) and they send you MONEY! Get your free estimate now with no obligation on their website ( They accept electronics worldwide. A great way to turn those unused electronics in to cold hard cash!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Garage Sale Tips

Everyone has heard about the good old fashion garage sale, but in my experience there are a few things that will make or break your earning. Here are a few of my tips for creating a winning "sale of stuff."

1. Gathering your "stuff"
It may sound simple enough, but it's important that not only do you have the items you want to sell ready to be displayed, but you also have enough stuff. You should gather your items so you can see just how much space it takes up. Some buyers are turned off by small sales and leave before even looking at any of the items for sale. If you don't have enough stuff, consider asking someone to join you like a neighbor or relative.

2. Pick a date and advertise
Weekends work best, some holidays may be appropriate. Once you have your date set it's a good idea to advertise. Placing an ad in a local newpaper and free online advertisement at websites such as CraigsList will help boost traffic to your little sale and in turn boost your profits. Another easy way of advertising is well made, large lettered signs directing sale-seekers to your home. Don't forget a sign at your house so people know where to stop. Make it easy for buyers to find your sale with ballons or bright signs nearby.

3. Tag your items
Some sellers are weary of price tagging their items because they feel it somehow makes bargining impossible. Not at all. Tagging lets you communicate to your buyers how much you are asking for an item without having to ask you anything. Don't worry, if buyers wants to negotiate, a little sticker is not going to hold them back. Tags also help when you have people helping you at your sale. It makes it easy for others to make sales for you without the need to refer back to you each time some makes an inquiry about price. Timid buyers, they're out there, and they like to see a price without having to find someone to ask.

Supplies to have on hand:
  • Plastic bags (i.e. grocery bags) for bagging smaller items
  • Extra money in change for buyer with larger bills
  • Tables make displaying more convenient for your buyer
  • Tarps or plastic to cover items in the event of rain
  • Money storage container
  • Calculator
  • Something to drink
  • A hand truck or cart for heavier items
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